Guns and Roses

Save the Date: “Guns and Roses” .22 Pistol Shoot – Saturday Feb 13, 2016 11 am – 2 pm

This is will be a Pistol poker shoot for Members and Spouses /  significant other.  Single members are welcome to attend as well.

You are probably asking “what is a poker pistol shoot”?  We have targets that have a complete deck of cards on them. Each target the deck of cards is randomized.  Similar to the one below.


There targets are shot at approx 15ft. in the indoor range.  The goal is to shoot the best hand you can with 7 shots in a set amount of time.  Each target will be scored.  Once everyone has shot, we will draw 5 targets. The target with the best hand will win $5.  Then the next five targets will be drawn and so on until all the targets are drawn. So we will be taking in $25 and paying out $5 + the cost of lunch and rose.

We will have two categories, novice and experienced.

Cost is $10 per couple and it includes lunch and a single rose for the ladies.


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